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Secrets to Staying Private

Everybody has secrets, and many wish to keep their personal information safe online. But finding the tools needed to navigate the complicated internet world shouldn't be a secret. Our activity is monitored, collected, sold and delivered dynamically via real-time content customized based on how we click around online. Think of how much of what we share online reveals about us. Our names, addresses, birthdays, past schools and current employment, even where we are and what we’re doing right now. Going in for the kill on our personal data leaves us susceptible and defenseless against how our private information is used for or against us. Think for a moment how much easier the hunt is, when the prey is our young. But we have got you covered with these privacy protection secrets EVERYBODY needs to know.

Mozilla Clubs

MOZILLA.ORG, the non-profit organization behind the Forefox browser, is dedicated to creating a better and safer internet. Protection from online tracking is at the heart of Mozilla and Firefox's mission. They have created Mozilla Clubs as a way to learn how to read, write, and participate on the Web in an inclusive, engaging way. The Mozilla Club curriculum is designed to to be easily mixed with existing programs. We created a handy Mozilla Clubs guide customized to mix with our campaigns. 

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