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Our Campaigns

Permanent profiles of anyone who uses the Internet are created by businesses and organizations. Our campaigns focus on middle-school youth and their increasing use of devices and online behaviors (search, homework, games, apps, etc,). The following campaigns were created as part of the Digital Trust Foundation grant. Each campaign involved California State University Northridge college undergraduates worked closely with middle-school youth to develop engaging storylines and information privacy concepts. We aim to educate youth with these campaign to enhance their safe online behaviors and increase their awareness of the third parties and databrokers who gather, store, package and sell personal profile information. Everyday is permanent and our youth are at risk when they unknowingly share information online.


youth privacy protection campaign cookie
youth privacy protection campaign mouse
Every Click Leaves A Crumb
Going online leaves digital footprints, similar to crumbs falling from a cookie. As our hero downloads content, searches Google, or interacts with others on social media, crumbs fall. These crumbs are then gathered by the tracker mice (third parties & data brokers) Watch and learn tips to becoming a Smart Cookie online!


youth privacy protection campaign fox
Click Click... Know Who's There
Out Fox The Cyber Hawks​
LOOK OUT!!! The Cyber Hawks (data brokers) are watching, trying to get your personal information. But don’t worry, expert Kit the Fox is here to demonstrate how to keep your information safe. Kit thinks he knows it all but soon learns danger lurks, especially on the internet. Will the Cyber Hawks succeed, or will Kit outwit them like a sly fox?


youth privacy protection campaign privacy game
The Privacy Game
Your Privacy Isn't Just A Game
How well do kids protect their privacy? Watch as middle school youth play the Privacy Game. Each time they share their information, they lose a little bit of their life bar and the shadows (data brokers) grow larger. When the life bar reaches zero, it’s GAME OVER!


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