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Outfox the Cyber Hawks

LOOK OUT!!! The Cyber Hawks (data brokers) are watching, trying to get your personal information. But don’t worry, expert Kit the Fox is here to demonstrate how to keep your information safe. Kit thinks he knows it all but soon learns danger lurks, especially on the internet. Will the Cyber Hawks succeed, or will Kit outwit them like a sly fox?

Episode 1: Stop Watching Me

Meet Kit. After creating his first social media account, his Mom warns him about the Cyberhawks (data brokers) and how they are always watching his every move online! 

Episode 2: Data Brokers, Blah Blah Blah

See Kit continue to use Foxbook, a social media platform, and interact with online sites. His cousin confirms Kit of his Mom's warnings about staying safe online and keeping information away from the Cyberhawks! 

Episode 3: Thank You For Letting Me Track You

Kit and his cousin try to out fox the Cyber hawk by coming up with a plan: not tagging their location and reading privacy policies. Remeber, the Cyber hawks are always lurking online for your personal information!


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