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Meet the Team

The Principle Investigators

Dr. Kristen Walker

Kristen Walker is a Professor of Marketing in the Nazarian College of Business and Economics at California State University Northridge. Exploring the intersection of marketing, public policy, and technology, her research focuses on consumer protection and education in online information exchanges. As the co-principal investigator on the YDIPEC grant from the Digital Trust Foundation, she focuses on vulnerabilities facing pre-teens with social media adoption/use. She worked with her students to develop social marketing campaigns to help educate pre-teens and those that influence and enable their online behavior. Dr. Walker earned her bachelors degree in Marketing from CSUN and her PhD from UCLA.

Dr. Tina Kiesler

Tina Kiesler is a Professor of Marketing in the Nazarian College of Business and Economics at California State University Nprthrige, specializing in consumer behavior. In her recent research she focuses on consumer online privacy protection behaviors. She is co-principal investigator on a research grant from the Digital Trust Foundation titled, “Youth-Driven Information Privacy Education Campaign”.  Dr. Kiesler received her bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan and her PhD in Marketing Management from UCLA's Anderson Graduate School of Management. 

The Research Team

Summer Malone

Research Project Manager/ Be A Smart Cookie Campaign

As Research Project Director, Summer managed grant funds and team member tasks. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Marketing at California State University, Northridge in 2016. Summer has extensive experience in social media marketing and manages CSUN's marketing department (csunmkt) social media platforms during the summer of 2016. For the YDIPEC project, Summer developed moderator guides and conducted focus groups and interviews with middle-school aged youth. She also developed surveys and monitors budgeting aspects of the grant. Summer collaborated with Charissa Clark to develop the 'How To Be A Smart Cookie' campaign. She is currently a Consumer Insights Research Associate at NBC Universal.

Andres Nieto

Research Assistant

Andres graduated from California State University Northridge in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. He was part of the winning team in CSUN's social media marketing class working with FOX Deportes to help build a campaign to help increase viewers for the 2014 UEFA Champions League tournament. He also coordinated, designed, and implemented content for the CSUN Marketing Department's MKT social media platforms. He developed social media marketing templates for managing content for the Department of Marketing and hired, trained, and evaluated other interns. For the YDIPEC research team, he performed qualitative and quantitative research. In particular, he moderated focus groups with middle school students. Andres is currently a small business owner.

Charissa Clark

Research Assistant/ Be A Smart Cookie Campaign

Charissa worked as a Research Assistant on the YDIPEC project. She currently create business plans with with a group of students, for a multi-million dollar business as well as worked with a team to create an online usage awareness campaign that is sure to open the eyes of many. Charissa graduated from CSUN with a Bachelor's in Marketing. In this project, she created the original cookie campaign concept and story boards with Summer Malone, transcribed multiple interviews, as well as researched current privacy sites and their content.


"If there's one thing I learned it is to never get too attached to one idea, because it'll probably be scrapped the next day [for an even better one]."- Charissa 

Kimberly Khieu

Research Assistant/ Co-author of MKT 459 Course Reader

Kimberly worked as a Research Assistant for Dr. Walker and Dr. Kiesler on this YDIPEC project. She recently graduated CSUN in 2015 with a Bachelor's in Marketing and Business Administration with an option in Business Honors. Kimberly is currently working at Disney ABC Television Group as the Digital Marketing Coordinator. For this project, she researched how youths interacted with social media and privacy policies in order to help create a course reader for Dr. Walker's Marketing class.

The Campaign Team

Kimberly Gonzalez

The Privacy Game Campaign

Kim was part of the creative team. She assisted with creating a campaign for The Digital Trust Foundation. She recently graduated CSUN with a bachelors in Marketing. During Kim's education she acquired several opportunities to work as a marketing assistance with an emphasis in social media. Kim is now pursuing her passion as a full time social media coordinator for PizzaRev. Kim and her peers developed a campaign to educate middle school youth to be conscious when they surrender their information online. Since then she has learned how to build awareness and successfully developed a campaign around an issue that affects herself as an individual and as a marketer.

Sam Bernabe

The Privacy Game Campaign

Sam was a member of the "Privacy Game" campaign. She recently graduated CSUN with a B.S. in Marketing. Sam has been working in her field of study since I was a junior in college and is honored to have been offered a full time position upon graduatuation! Other than working on her own campaign, she created brochures for all three YDIPEC campaigns.


"I have learned so much since we began especially how important it is to keep your information private!"- Sam

Lindsey Arellano

Multimedia Liason/ Sound Mixing Editor

Lindsey was the Multimedia Project Manager on the YDIPEC Campaign where she manages and coordinates the visual and technical marketing aspects of the project as a whole. Lindsey is currently 

pursuing a bachelors degree in Multimedia Production with a minor in Interactive Business Marketing. She has had the honor to work on various fields of marketing and communications, 

such as digital and social media marketing, and journalism. Lindsey is 

currently the Communications Coordinator at one of the largest growing Christian churches in the United States-Real Life Church.


"Working on the grant with Dr. Walker and Dr. Kiesler expanded my scope in directing, marketing, and educating consumers about the dangers of online privacy and personal data distribution. My mission is to enjoy the challenges offered to her with every creative opportunity while enriching both the business/organization through effective visual solutions and expand creatively and technically."- Lindsey

Daniel Lawson

The Privacy Game Campaign

Daniel's role on this project was to research and develop an exciting and educational

campaign. Currently, He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in marketing at CSUN. So far Daniel has marketing experience working with CSUN AMA (American Marketing

Association) as Chief of Staff and a couple of marketing internships. For the grant, he

helped create the Privacy Game campaign and developing the campaigns.


"One thing that I learned from this grant project is how most people are unaware of the issue at hand, including myself before I started working on the campaigns."- Daniel

Kenneth Gratzinger

Website Content Creator/Click Click Campaign

Ken was a part of the "Click Click, Who's there?" campaign. He recently graduated CSUN with a B.S. in Cinema and Television Arts, as well as the Interactive Marketing minor. Ken has been working in the marketing field for many years and is currently a Marketing Specialist at Blue Buffalo Co. Other than working on his own campaign, Ken helped create the website and attended the AMA Winter Conference in Las Vegas to present YDIPEC research findings.

Justin Wunner

Click Click Campaign

Justin was one of the original creators and minds behind Kit the Fox and the "Click Click, Who's there?" campaign. In addition to helping create and design this portion of the campaign, he worked very closely with Ken Gratzinger to create storyboards and gather other original content and resources for the YDIPEC website. Justin is currently interning as a Marketing Assistant at Total Education Solutions as well as pursuing a degree in marketing with primary interests being in market research and data analytics.

"Through the course of this grant I have learned that teamwork is the true driving force behind any successful project and people can accomplish much more than ever expected when they come together."- Justin 

The Animation Team

Nicole Munn


Nicole worked as an animator for the YDIPEC project. She is currently pursuing a bachelor's in art with a focus in animation at CSUN and will be graduating at the end of 2016. Nicole has experience with all forms of animation and understands the entire production pipeline. She was able to compose, create, and produce character concepts, storyboards, props, and animations related to the YDIPEC project.


"I learned not only about the issues arising from sharing information via the internet, but also learned the effort that goes into creating an educational video that illustrates such an issue."- Nicole

Kristine Delicana


Kristine worked as an animator for the YDIPEC project. She recently graduated CSUN with a bachelors in Art, emphasis on animation. As for experience in the field, Kristine has completed two animation internships and has worked as a graphic designer and production assistant for CSUN's newspaper, The Sundial, for two years. For the YDIPEC project, she was in charge of creating characters, environments, storyboards, and animations.


"I learned the impact information sharing can have on kids, as well as the amount of teamwork it takes to fully produce these animations."- Kristine

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